Sunday, May 3, 2015

Quick-ish: "Sally of the Wasteland" by Victor Gischler and Tazio Bettin

Quick-ish: Sally of the Wasteland by Victor Gischler and Tazio Bettin, 2014, 9781782760726.

Hardcover collection of a five issue comic book story. Here's the bad and the good.
Bad: No page numbers.Good: Everything else.

Sally is a young and slightly loopy resident of post-Apocalyptic Baton Rouge. She's hanging out at a local restaurant when a wounded blond woman stumbles in. The woman is treated and said she came to teh restaurant to hire Captain Sam to take her downriver to New Orleans. Every one laughs. New Orleans is not safe.

Blond Woman says, "Check out this tech, it's receiving a signal from New Orleans. We have to check it out, it means civilization." captain Sam says, "Yeah, okay" Sally goes along when he would-be boy toy volunteers to go along.

They all head odwnriver and trouble ensues.Mutant alligatorcrabs, jokes, crash boats, rapey river pirates, mutant cannibals, jokes, Amazons in Alabama outfits and called 'Bamazons, nudity, jokes, three headed monsters, evil scientists, more nudity, more jokes, cyborg woman, more jokes.

Did I mention the nudity? Because there is nudity. And don't forget all the blood, decapitations, impalings, slicings, stabbings, hatchetings, and nudity.

Fun stuff because Gischler always writes fun stuff and he found a great artist to work with.

1. Okay, there isn't that much nudity. I'm overstating things. There are comic book bodies though, big muscles and low body fat.
2. Nudity.


Todd Mason said...

Mutant alligatorcrabs. Bill Crider might just've signed on.

Gerard Saylor said...

Yes, I thought of Crider when I read that part. (Not that I ever heard of the guy.)