Saturday, February 14, 2015

Done: "Slocum Along Corpse River" by Jake Logan

Done: Slocum Along Corpse River by Jake Logan, 2011, 9780515149906.

I started reading the Slocum series after Bill Crider mentioned them.  Most Slocum western stories alternate sex and violence throughout the novel. Corpse River has less sex than the rest. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

Slocum is looking to cross the continental divide before winter hits. He's riding along a river and discovers a body in the shallows. Then another body floats past. And another. Slocum rides on to a high wall stretching across the mountain pass. Armed guards require a toll to pass. Slocum does not want to pay, returns at night, widens a crack in the wall, sneaks through, and is caught.

The town beyond the mountain pass's wall is called Top of the World and run by a cruel tyrant named Galligan.  Slocum survives a torture test in a pit ad impresses Galligan enough to be hired to work the wall's guard post.

Top of the World and a neighboring town are feuding. Galligan is looking to extort money from the coming railroad. Slocum is sexed up by a local woman looking to escape Galligan. Slocum and local woman make escape try but local woman is captured. Slocum want to get back into Top of the World and rescue her.

Slocum is not a bad guy but he's no Lone Ranger. He'll take the sex that's offered and kill when threatened.  He doesn't want to get involved with stopping ruthless and cruel Galligan but he wants to rescue the local gal. Slocum is more motivated when a deputy from the neighboring town is killed when helping Slocum.

Fast moving, shooting, horses, and plenty of obstacles for Slocum to overcome. The bad guys are cruel and nasty. The women are wanton and bosomy. Slocum is victorious.

1. Slocum would be dead from bullets, syphilis or dementia pugilistica after the first few novels.
2. Is there a listing of Slocum ghost authors? I cannot find one.
3. The sex scenes in this book were less detailed than others. The author focused more on Slocum's escapes and attacks.

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