Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Done: "Hard Bite: by Anonymous-9

Done: Hard Bite by Anonymous-9 (Elaine Ash), 2013, e-version sent by Blasted Heath when I signed up for their newsletter.

Dean Drayhart was left partially paralyzed and his daughter killed when they were struck by a hit-and-run driver outside Knott's Berry Farm.  Dean's wife left him when Dean became obsessed with trying to find the driver.  Dean now lives with his service monkey, Sid, and tracks down hit-and-run drivers in Los Angeles.  He has income from his excellent insurance policy, an annoying nurse who visits, and a hooker girlfriend (Dean's dick does dong).

Dean has full use of one arm and his other arm has a prosthetic. Wait, was one arm fully functional? Or did the unparalyzed arm have the prosthetic? No matter, Dean has to use a wheelchair and purchased Sid to help out. His old van is adapted to drive from his wheelchair - although he has no license - but requires Sid to do some of the shifting.

Dean scours the web for hit-and-run news and tries to track down drivers so he can kill them. He's trained Sid to climb people and chomp on their necks with his sharp death-monkey teeth. Dean also has Girlfriend helping him out.  Dean and Sid track down a driver who killed a father of four. Sid chomps the guy's neck. Dean goes to a car wash in a dangerous neighborhood so he can clean up Sid and Sid runs off. Dean wheels after Sid and finds a guy hanging a fighting dog to death. Sid attacks and the guy falls. The dogs attack the guy and chomp chomp chomp.

A LASD Detective gets both murder cases. The two cases make people think both deaths are due to dangerous dogs.  One of the dead men was living under an alias. The dead guy was the favored son of a drug dealing queen. Mom does not believe her son was killed by a dog attack. Things start to happen and Dean is in desperate drama.

Dean is tracked down by the bad guys. Dean escapes attempted murder because the Queen's surviving sons are incompetent. Dean, Sid, and Girlfriend take off. Dean cannot resist meeting a guy off Craigslist (Dean was pretending to be a writer talking to hit-and-run people).  Dean runs the guy off the road. Before guy dies he said he was faking it with Dean to get the honorarium Dean offered.  Dean feels guilty.  Dean has to go home. Dean confronted by Queen. Sid attacks Queen. Dean ends up confessing to the cops when they stumble upon each other. More violence. Sid and Girlfriend drive off into the night.

1. Was this a short novel of did I just read the e-version quickly?
2. A fun read and fast moving. Nice pacing with some sex included.

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