Monday, August 25, 2014

Comic: "Clown Fatale" by Victor Gischler

Comic: Clown Fatale by Victor Gischler, art by Murizio Rosenzweig, 2014, 9781616554347.

Collection of the four issues.

Full of violence, blood, boobs, and g-string butt cleavage. Four women clowns are working a small traveling circus.  The clowns are at the bottom of the circus pecking order and paid beans.  When leaving the big top they are put upon by some locals.  The girl clowns stomp the locals.  The fight is witnessed by a guy who figures the clowns are the killers he is there to hire.

The clowns are boozing and doping in their tent when the guy approaches the big boobed, scantily clad women and offers $50,000 for a murder.  Local guy says, first you have to prove your salt by killing a local dealer.  A couple gals are intrigued by the price. Protagonist Chloe says, no way.  One gal, says, Crap, this first guy is our dealer. We have to get more weed and ecstacy anyway so let's go see him.

Chloe goes into the dealer's place.  Dealer tries to rape Chloe. Crazy clown lady, Aya, stabs dealer to death.  In for a penny, in for a pound.  They visit Local Mobster and get a down payment.  Meanwhile the real killers are a knife throwing act of Russians who aim to kill the clowns for cutting in on the murder business  Cutting in.  Get it?  Get it?

More death.  More blood.  More boobs.  More butts.  Some twists.  Some turns. Two dead clowns and lots of dead bad guys and dirtbags.

1. Gischler seems to really like beheadings.  This has three.  The Conan comic had several.  Heack, even that Strukul novel - with Introduction by Gischler - had a few.
2. There is no such thing as a sexy clown.  Rosenzweig draws the women with sexy outfits and minimal clown make-up.
3.  I liked the artwork quite a bit.  This was much more my style than other comics I have read. 
4. I have that new Taylor Swift song bouncing around in my head.

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