Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Read: "Dead Man: Volume 6" by Lee Goldberg and William Rabkin

Read: Dead Man, Volume 6: [colder than Hell by Anthony Neil Smith, evil to burn by Lisa Klink, streets of blood by Barry Napier by Lee Goldberg and William Rabkin]by Lee Goldberg and William Rabkin, 2013, 9781477848067.

Paperback edition of titles initially published electronically.

I enjoy this series and reading all the different authors.  There are some drawbacks to this though.  One thing that comes to mind is how interesting characters come and go and never return. For example, Smith starts Colder than Hell with a neatly drawn seven pages on a rural, poor, young woman driving to Fargo for a job interview, getting stuck on the interstate in a blizzard, and getting sucked into evil. We never see her again.  This happens in a lot of these novellas and although we get a whisper of a previous story's characters we never seem'em again.  Oh Well.

Colder Than Hell.  Matt is catching a ride to Fargo to see a 100-year-old whose interview was in a newspaper.  The 100-year-old seemed to refer to Mr. Dark.  Matt and his new trucker buddy are caught in a massive blizzard and people start acting weird.  There seems to be an infection spreading person to person that starts hysterical giggling and people saying "I need you" as if they are drugged.  Matt is immune to the disease, maybe because of a cold.  He tramps around in the snow trying to help, axing a few people, battling with Mr. Dark.  Mr. Dark is upset because the disease makes people immune to Dark's evil touch.  Matt finds the source of the disease came from a lab in the Twin Cities.  Mr. Dark or someone else works to clear up the disease aftermath by torching the hospital everyone ends up in.  More people die.

Evil to Burn.  I still like the idea of writing "Klink goes clunk!" but this is at least the second Dead Man story by Klink and she does some good work.  Matt is on a bus in Nevada heading to the grand opening of a resort.  A news article photo showed an ouboros symbol in the hotel lobby.  Matt saw the same in Blood Mesa by James Reasoner.  Matt suspects the same dark power that drove people murderously insane in Blood Mesa will happen in the new resort.  Matt's bus crashes, Matt is stuck with others, people die, Matt walks to resort, Matt gets to resort and bad guy turns into fire demon and sets resort on fire and chases Matt around.

Streets of Blood.  Matt ends up in small town after reading about the town's sudden spike in violent crime.  Matt goes to super fancy assisted living facility and gets job as custodian.  Matt has dreams of young teen girls outside haunted house.  Matt senses the evil in town.  Mat finds out the teen girls sacrificed a friend and gained mucho dark magic and power.  Those teen girls are now elderly and losing their power.  They are moving back into assisted living in hope proximity will renew or preserve their power. No dice.  That black magic is leeching out and into everyone in town and causing murder and mayhem.  Matt axes a few people,  saves the day, and most of the town is dead. 

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