Monday, May 12, 2014

Quit: "Conditions of Love" by dale kushner

Quit: Conditions of Love by Dale Kushner, 2013, 9781455519750.

Committee book.

I just wasn't digging this and quit halfway through.  Follows a young girl from about 1951 to 1958.  Her father ran off when Eunice was an infant.  Eunice's mom, Mern, is a lousy mom.  She is flighty and obsessed with movies.  Mern stays out drinking and suffers depression.  Eunice's father reappears when Eunice is about 8-years-old and disappears again after whirlwind visit of only 6 hours or so.

Mern meets and moves in with a local guy.  Local guy really loves and cares for Mern and Eunice but Mern has many issues.  Mern puts Guy at arms length.  Mern dumps guy when he is fired from his job and Mern and Eunice move to small town Wisconsin.

A massive flood separates Mern and Eunice.  Eunice is taken ill and cared for in the woods by a kindly hermit lady.  When Eunnice gets to town she is given the letter left by Mern saying, "You left me1  What else can I do but run off to California with this married man?"  Eunice moves in with hermit woman.

I quit reading when hermit woman was about to get kicked off lumber company land.  Not my kinda book, man.

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