Saturday, April 5, 2014

Listened: "Evil in All its Disguises" by Hilary Davidson

Listened: Evil in All It's Disguises by Hilary Davidson, 2013, Overdrive download.

I did not really enjoy this novel.  I did not like the main character.  I did not like the narration.  The narrator is skilled but that skill brought out characterization's that made me dislike the characters even more.  The narrator's voices and accents were over the top for me.  Nothing wrong with dislikable characters but they did not have anything else to interest me.  I did finish the novel. Anyhoo.

Travel writer Lily goes on travel junket to Acapulco, Mexico.  Lily gets trapped in hotel owned by ex-fiance, Martin,and run by ex-fiance's former right-hand man, Gavin.  Gavin is using Lily to get revenge on Martin.

Lily's pal Skye goes missing.  Lily is worried for Skye.  Lily is angry that Skye dated Martin after Lily's broken engagement.  The hotel is suspicious and has no other guests but travel writers.  Skye was doing an investigative report on the hotel's company.  Davidson does not give us a body until half-way through the book but introduces plenty of suspects and business intrigue. 

Lily asks questions.  Lily gets stonewalled.  Lily calls Martin.  Lily held captive.  Martin arrives and kills Gavin.  Gavin said he never killed Skye.  Lily returns to NYC and discovers that fellow travel writer (well, marketing lady) did the murder.

1.  Lily is a bitch.  What business is it of her's whether the ex-boyfriend - that she loathes - is dating her work friend?  "None" is the answer.  She steals her Skye's passport and rifles through Skye's bag.  It's hard to justify taking someone's property - as important as a passport when overseas - as getting even.  That made me dislike Lily even more.
2.  Narrator was getting on my nerves until I realized it was the character.  Narrator just gave her more personality.
3.  Another comment on enjoyable characters (search previous posts if you like).  I need something to keep me going.  I need something to keep me involved.  A nasty, vile character can keep me interested.  Lily just annoyed me. 
4.  I did like Gavin the sociopath.  Mainly because Davidson brought out how he is weird, how his behavior seems to be a copy, a simulation, of appropriate social behavior.  Gavin lacks in sincerity and his actions are inappropriate to the occasion.
5.  The thing is, I think Davidson does good writing.  I think her pacing and plotting were good.  But, this was not for me.

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