Saturday, March 15, 2014

Heard: "Echo Park" by Michael Connelly

Heard: Eco Park by Michael Connelly, 2006, Overdrive download

I've read or heard at least one or two other Bosch novels.  At least I think I have.  I really enjoy the Mickey Haller series but have not read the most recent from that line.  Spoilers await.

Bosch is un-retired from the LAPD and back at work with a cold case unit.  One of Bosch's obsessions - one of his many investigative obsessions - is the missing-presumed-dead case of a woman.  He had the case about 13 years ago and had zeroed in a likely suspect.

Bosch gets a call that a recently arrested serial killer is looking to make a deal and name his victims so the killer can avoid the death penalty.  The killer is naming Bosch's obsession.  Bosch joins the case.  An assistant DA is running the serial killer investigation and also running for office.  Bosch distrusts the DA.  Bosch distrusts the DA's main LAPD investigator.  DA investigator finds evidence Bosch may have screwed up in initial investigation 13 years ago.

Serial Killer says he'll take them to the buried body.  Field Trip!  Bosch, the DA, and others trek through one of the big LA parks.  Serial Killer grabs the DA investigator's pistol, kills two policemen, wounds another policewoman and gets away.  Uh-oh.

Things happen.  Bosch asks a would-be-girlfriend with the FBI for help.  Bosch is on leave after after the shooting since he shot back at Serial Killer.  Bosch is suspicious of DA and thinks DA set Bosch up with fake screw up evidence.  Bosch is told to stay at home.  Bosch digs instead in effort to find serial killer.

Bosch is impulsive.  Bosch is a liar.  Bosch considers himself a True Detective. Bosch alienates friends and colleagues. Bosch and FBI gal find Serial Killer.  Bosch kills Serial Killer.  Bosch accuses DA of setting up the whole event with Serial Killer to get Obsession Killer off the hook in return for DA campaign money.

Bosch is wrong.  Bosch abashed.  Confession by a bad cop.  Violent death.  Would-be-FBI-girlfriend tells Bosch to take a hike because he is reckless and she thinks he set-up violent death.

1. Bosch can be a real asshole.  Not a people person.  An obsessive workaholic.  If it is not a murder it is unimportant - his cases have all priority so fuck you.
2. One scene has FBI Woman and Bosch getting a juvenile offender file to track down serial killer.  They give outright lies to get the file by promising a warrant is coming and then, essentially, they steal the file by walking right out of the building.
3. Gratuitous jazz
4. Gratuitous public library
5. Gratuitous Sarah weiman and Duane Swierczynski.
6.  Bosch would certainly have b3een fired, outcast or killed by now with all the bullheaded things he pulls.  On the hunt for a serial killer who just murdered two police officers and seriously injured a third?  A killer who just kidnapped a woman off the streets?  And, Bosch strolls up to a possible hideout to search inside by just Bosch and FBI Woman?  He has no respect for his safety, his temporary partner/girlfriend's safety, the kidnapping victim's safety, the safety of his fellow officers who will have to keep chasing the bad guy after Bosch might fuck-up, safety of all the neighbors and people on the street if he instigates a gunfight.
7. I looked Echo Park up online.  Is the park renamed Elysium?  I cannot tell.  I saw the LAPD academy is in the park.  The academy looks tiny from the Google Maps map view.

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