Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Done: "Slocum and the Trail to Yellowstone" by Jake Logan

Done: Slocum and the Trail to Yellowstone by Jake Logan, 2012, 9780515150292.

Does anyplace online list the real author names for this series?

Here is the plot:  Shooting, sex, sex, sex, horses, sex, sex, sex, shooting, sex, sex, sex, scenery, sex, sex, sex, horse riding, sex, sex, sex, hunting bad guys, sex, sex, sex, San Antonio, sex, sex, sex, Mexico, sex, sex, sex, bounty hunting, sex, sex, sex, Oklahoma, sex, sex, sex, Nebraska, sex, sex, sex,Wyoming, sex, sex, sex.

Slocum leaves Wyoming after shooting a card cheat.  He needs to skip out because the dead man's wealthy father will get Slocum hung.  Slocum stays with a widow.  Slocum is shot and widow raped and murdered by mountain men.  Slocum stays with a mountain woman.  Slocum and mountain woman try to find Mountain Men.

Mountain Men are craft and dangerous and escape.  Slocum gave it a try and heads to San Antonio for the winter. Slocum meets Mexican woman.  Slocum goes to Mexico and buys cattle.  Slocum and a pal capture two killers in Mexico and take them North.Slocum goes to Oklahoma.  Slocum goes to Nebraska.  Slocum goes to Wyoming.

Here are some excerpts in case you think I was exaggerating:
1. [He] drove to the deepest part of her to signal his impending cannon fire.
2.  He began to pour his meat into her.  She scrambled over on her belly, and her gave her lots of pounding.  When he came this time, he used the fluids to lubricate her ass.
3.  There was a lot of woman underneath him, and he wasn't missing any of her as her muscles inside began to contract around his thick tool.
4.  She reached between them to catch his prod, then eased the head of his dick inside her wet gates.
5. His rock hardness made his entire dick feel ready to blow up, the powerful muscles inside of her crushing his efforts to plunge in her any more than halfway.  Not to be denied, the muscles in his butt began to win the depth battle.  She strained hard, but his power took over and he was slamming his dick against the bottom of her vagina.

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