Friday, November 29, 2013

Done: "The Famous and the Dead" by T. Jefferson Parker

Done: The Famous and the Dead by T. Jefferson Parker, 2013, 9780525953173.

I've greatly enjoyed this series and enjoyed this novel as well.  I like how the series has really evolved from a crime drama with romance into a winding story with supernatural elements.  With Hood and Bradley and Mike the Devil squaring off directly and indirectly through the stories.

I read somewhere that Famous would be the final entry in the series.  But Parker's ending leaves things open for another novel.  I was very satisfied, and impressed, with Parker's ending.

Charlie Hood is still working for the ATF among the desert towns near El Centro in Southern California.  The ATF is still fighting gunrunning over the border into Mexico and facing heat from the recent debacle of the Fast and Furious scandal.  Erin is living with Hood and Hood's girlfriend Beth.  Bradley is facing heat from the Sheriff's Department who are on to his illegal activities.

Hood is still hunting Mike Finnegan.. Hood sends out email blasts to anyone he ever met - many of whom have demanded he take them off the email list - with photos of Finnegan and Hood's contact information.  Hood's newly built "wine cellar" is awaiting Mike.  Mike starts recruiting Bradley in earnest. Bradley accepts.

Schizophrenic goes schizo.  Hood feels the heat from the press, Congress, and supervisors worried about (or looking for) another ATF scandal.  Hood works a gunrunning case that leaves an agent dead.  Mike uses Bradley to put pressure on Hood.  Erin is reluctant to rejoin Bradley.  Bradley finally realizes what a selfish and violent a-hole he is.

Bradley works with Hood to capture Mike.  They catch Mike taking a cold water swim, taser him a few times, shoot him up with 3-4 times the usual human amount of tranquilizers and stick him in Hood's "wine cellar" that was designed and built as a cell for Mike.  Hood quits his ATF job.  And his LASD job.

Bradley still under investigation and about to be arrested.  Bradley dies.  No wait1  Bradley lives!  He faked his death, had plastic surgery, and vocal cord surgery.  Hood stays in the desert with imprisoned Mike.  Hood offered local police chief job.

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