Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Read: "Dead Man, Volume 4: Freaks Must Die: Slaves to Evil: Midnight Special" by Lee Goldberg, et al

Read: Dead Man, Volume 4: Freaks Must Die by Joel Goldman, Slaves to Evil by Lisa Klink, Midnight Special by Phoef Sutton, 2012, 9781611098822.  Edited by Lee Goldberg and William Rabkin.

Paperback compendium of the e-book series.  I started out reading the e-book versions but I really prefer print.  I've been buying this 3-in-1 paperbacks for the library.  Many spoilers await.  Remember, these are my notes to recall plot and story.  This is not a review.

I was hoping that Lisa Klink's story would stink so I could type"Klink Goes Klunk".  Unfortunately, Klink's story was well done.  Which is no surprise, Goldberg and Rabkin work to maintain quality.  (At least from what Anthony Neil Smith wrote about his experience in writing an entry.)

Freaks Must Die.  Matt Cahill and his axe are in Eastern Pennsylvania and Cahill just bummed some coffee off a remote interstate hotel.  Cahill takes a walk to kill time while waiting for a truck to hitchhike from.  Cahill sees a mugging-to-be and axe-ily intervenes.  The mark, a jewel merchant, dies of a heart attack.  Before he kills over the merchant expresses that his son is kidnapped and now will die. 

Cahill heads into NYC to save the boy.  Cahill meets a gal working at the jewelry store with freaky translucent skin.  Bad guys follow Cahill.  Cahill uses his axe.  Cahill finds out that "freaks" are kidnapped by medical researchers who hire bounty hunters for the snatches.  These are the same researchers who wanted to slice and dice Cahill after his resurrection from a three month (was it that long) burial under snow.  Cahill uses his axe more, screws Translucent Girl, rescues missing boy, kills a researcher, hits the bricks.

Slaves to Evil.  Cahill sticks to small town America again.  He's headed North to job opportunities in Duluth when he spies a rotting cop in a suburb.  Cahill has to fight the evil and stays to do so.  Cahill finds out way to meet a local cop and also the Police Chief's wife.  Cahill fights more evil.  Cahill uses his axe.

Midnight Special.  A horror movie revival is sparking bizarre murder suicides after midnight showings.  Cahill investigates.  Hollywood wunderkind-turned-40 is showing the flick.  Wunderkind also sees evil.  Wunderkind has plan to trap Mr. Dark.  Cahill joins in.  Wunderkind is major asshole.  Cahill uses his axe.  Cahill has lots more sex.

1.  The fun series chugs right along without any bumps in the road.

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