Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Quick: "Dead Aim" by Joe R. Lansdale

Quick: Dead Aim by Joe r. Lansdale, 2013, 9781596065253.

Fancy-schmancy limited edition novella by Subterranean Press with a fancy-schmancy painting on the front by Glenn Orbik (whoever that is).  The book looks great and is full of Leonard and Hap greatness.

I thought this was set back in time when Leonard and Hap were much younger.  Not so, Hap is living with Brett, this is post-introduction of Vanilla Ride, Marvin is running his PI office.

Hap and Leonard are hired by Marvin to help a gal in a difficult divorce.  She says her ex-to-be is violent and threatening.  She says she needs help.  Hap and Leonard give some foreshadowing by first judging her veracity.  Hap and Leonard take the job.  Hap watches Ex-To-Be in advance of Hap and Leonard going to talk to Ex-To-Be.  Hap and Leonard have an axe handle.  Just in case.  Leonard makes gay jokes.

Hap is down the street from Ex-To-Be and hears a gun shot and sees a muzzle flash.  Hap investigates.  Hap finds Ex-To-Be is Ex-Alive.  Hap is there when the cops show. Hap and Leonard think they have been set-up by The Wife.  Leonard eats vanilla cookies.

Hap and Leonard say, "We should let this alone."  Hap and Leonard say, "We won't, that's not what we do."  Hap and Leonard continue a bumbling investigation but their sneaky brains start to figure out a sneaky plot.  Leonard makes jokes about Hap.

Hap and Leonard find out a scam different than first thought.  They then find out the scam is even different than second thought.  Everything ends happily and Hap and Leonard don't even kill anyone.  Hap eats more cookies.

1.  This could be longer.  Then there would be even more to love.
2.  Hap and Bret love.
3.  Driving around.
4.  East Texas love.
5.  Hey, did you see that Lansdale excerpt I read?
6.  No, didn't see it?  Oh, well.  No one else has either.

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