Sunday, September 25, 2011

Listened: "Castle of Llyr" by Lloyd Alexander

Listened: Castle of Llyr by Lloyd Alexander, look up the publication year yourself, downloaded from Overdrive.

The series continues with the same fantastic narrator. James Langton does such a great job. Langton has real good range for voices and his women characters are not whiny.

Taran and Gurgi are assigned by Dalben to escort Eilonwy to another kingdom for Eilonwy to learn how to be a princess and lady. Taran and co. catch a ship "commanded" by young Prince Rhun. Rhun is a young bumbler and klutz but brimming with good cheer and enthusiasm.

Taran is approached by a disguised Prince Gwydion who says Eilonwy is in danger and Taran needs to help protect her. Eilonwy is kidnapped anyway. Search group is organized and Taran finds the hosting king plans to wed Eilonwy to his son, Rhun. Taran saddened. Taran promises to watch over Rhun since Rhun is a clueless klutz.

Things happen. Adventure occurs. Danger arrives. Peril is perilous. Taran and co. eventually track down Eilonwy and find Gwydion. Eilonwy was captured by the evil sorceress Achren. Taran and co. infiltrate the dilapidated castle housing Achren. Taran and co. rescue Eilonwy. Achren defeated and powers are gone. Eilonwy communicates her feelings about Rhun, marriage, ladyhood, etc. to Taran. The end.

1. Yeah. That Eilonwy is an ideal chick for a young dude. She is both pretty and feminine but also adventurous.
2. The violence in this bloodless. Enemy are cut down but no bodies, hacked limbs, spraying blood, etc.
3. Perilous peril: gigantic mountain lion capturing Taran and co., giant stuck cave wants to kill one of them to make a potion to shrink himself, Achren puts Eilonwy under spell that makes her forget her past, near drownings.
4. Taran and co. are always referred to throughout the series as "companions" and "the companions".
5. Currently listening to Lansdale's Vanilla Ride.
6. My eight-year-old keeps climbing on my head, "I like to bug you."

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