Sunday, December 19, 2010

Finally Finished Listening to: "The Information Officer" by Mark Mills

Finally Finished Listening to: The Information Officer by Mark Mills, 2010, on a Playaway a Blackstone rep gave to me.

Crider linked to a best of 2010 list and I was surprised to see this listed. The novel was good - the historical setting in 1942 Malta is very well used - but I'm not sure it is a best-of. Maybe I would think differently if I had not had to listen to it on that stupid piece of crap Playaway that kept quitting on me and was difficult to run.

Anyway. Main Guy is the information officer (propaganda officer) for the Brit Army on Malta. Malta is under daily bombing by the Luftwaffe without the air power or AAA to fight back. Main Guy finds out about a recent murder that is linked to the Brit navy's submarine force which has a base on the island. The investigation is shelved because of the tenuous relations between Limeys and Maltese.

Main Guy looks into murder(s) anyway. Main Guy boinking married gal. Main Guy getting clues from American Army officer on the island. Main Guy sorta hot for Maltese Jewish girl with mom married to fascist Italian. Things happen. Dust covers everything. Supplies are low. Main Guy gets help in investigation. Mystery solved.

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