Sunday, October 10, 2010

Read: "The Deputy" by Victor Gischler

Read: The Deputy by Victor Gischler, 2010, 9781935562009.

Took forever for me to finally read this. The library copy has been an "issue". I got a free, free, free copy from Tyrus Books when the guy was running one of his "free books" opportunities on the twitter.

The novel also suffered from anticipation syndrome. The more I wait to read a book the more I build it up in my head and the more I expect from it. (I'm now afraid to read Ellroy's most recent novel.) Fortunately, this is a Gischler book so I need not have worried.

Toby is a fucking loser. I real fucking loser. Other people, or maybe the publishing blurb, refer to Toby as a "slacker". No. Toby is a fucking loser. He is a clueless layabout more concerned with scoring smokes and fucking his underage girlfriend than anything else.

One hot August night one of the Jordan brothers (local bad guys) is shot nine times in downtown Coyote Crossing, OK. Coyote Crossing is butt-fucking-Egypt and Toby is a part-time cop. Toby gets called out of bed at midnight and is told to guard Jordan's body. Instead, dumbass Toby gets bored and walks over to Molly's (his underage, high school girlfriend) and bones her. Toby gets back and Jordan's body is gone. Things get worse.

Toby battles fatigue. Toby's wife leaves him. Toby finds out trusted people are not to be trusted. Toby gets in gun fights. Toby drinks energy drinks that taste like battery acid. Mexicans smuggling illegals are dangerous. Toby is a clueless dumbfuck. Toby gets through six hours of death and destruction to the year later epilogue.

1. Several typos - correctly spelled words in incorrect usage - annoyed me.
2. Toby is a likable fella. But, he is a nitwit. I enjoyed the idea of looking at things through the eyes of a fuck-up who knows he is a fuck-up and does not much care. Even if he does want to get on full time and make more money. Toby just wants to join a band again.
3. .38 wheelgun love.
4. 12-gauge shotgun love.
5. Muscle car love.
6. Rural Okie love (sex and geography).
7. Rural Okie hate ( "I cannot wait to leave this podunk town!" type hate.)
8. Surprise twists and turns love.
9. I am fairly certain there was not one mention of Star Wars.
10. Small town cops who are not incompetent dumbshits - aside from Toby.
11. Great and Mighty Gischler, was the epilogue your idea or requested/suggested by advance readers and editor?

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