Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Brief Read: "Pink Box" by Joan Sinclair

Brief Read: Pink Box: inside Japan's sex clubs by Joan Sinclair, 2006, 9780810992597.

I read Adelstein's book and looked for more info on Japanese crime and sex culture. Notice I did not say subculture. There does not seem to be a subculture. Everything is easily and openly available as a legal, commercial service.

This book is not what I was suspecting, I did not realize it is a photo book. I'm glad it is because the photos and their captions tell a great bit about the business.

This one paragraph from Sinclair's ending essay succinctly explains what I would have tried to record:

The clubs are a reflection of modern Japan, a literate society, where the rules are written out, prices are not negotiable, and fantasies are predetermined, pre-scripted, and prepaid. The Japanese depend on uniforms to distinguish a stranger's role in society. The sexualization of the characters of everyday life (the waitress, the schoolgirl, the commuting receptionist) and the desire to break society's rigid rules (No groping on the subway!) lead to cosplay (costume play) and elaborate playrooms. Finally, Japan is a consumer culture, with a thriving free-market economy that strives to meet demand: as a result, Japanese clubs cater to the narrowest of obsessions.

1. How many dudes masturbated while reading this?
2. How many dudes said they did not jerk off but, instead, declared how important the book is as art in an attempt to score with some chick?
3. With those thoughts in mind, there is not much nudity. Only a handful of shots depicting sex - those were swingers clubs and not hookers and customers.
3.b. The photographs are more of an anthropological record, not erotica. Although. let's face it, throw in a couple nude chicks and people will see what they want.
4. Sinclair has a photo of a sex menu accompanied by it's English translation. Absolutely and completing fascinating and odd.
5. Sex work is mostly acceptable, but not entirely.
6. The openness and privacy of the sex clubs is often referred to. Every fetish is available - and there are many - but clubs, employees, and customers are quite secretive. Sinclair had to work hard to get access.
7. I assume Sinclair does the google. Sinclair, do you have other books planned?
8. Sexual intercourse for money is illegal - but done anyway of course. Everything else is legal.

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