Monday, May 24, 2010

Read: Hunt at World's End by Gabriel Hunt (Nichols Kaufman)

Read: Hunt at World's End by Gabriel Hunt (Nicholas Kaufman), 2009, 9780843962451.

Another Hunt tale. I need to get the Faust one.

Hunt is robbed of a recent find from the Amazon while he is having drinks at the Discoverers League in New York. He then goes to Borneo to look for a missing family friend who is traveling on a grant from the Hunt Foundation. He rescues the girl, Joyce Wingard, from a cult. He rescues an artifact from a rich thug and his son, the son was the one who robbed Hunt in New York.

Hunt, Joyce, Joyce's uncle on hunt for jewels that are supposed to release a "spear" that is massive weapon. Hunt and Co. go to Turkey. Dive in ocean for jewel. Escape hotel room ambush with explosions, gunfire, smoke, climb up side of hotel. Hunt and Co. take refuge with ex-girlfriend of Hunt. Hunt and Co. travel to African plains. Huge gunfight among cult from Borneo, rich bag guy, Hunt and Co.

Clean on the sex front. Lots of killing. Back stabbing by uncle. Redemption for uncle. Gratuitous use of single action Colt. Gratuitous cliff hanging. Gratuitous copying of Indiana Jones and other serials.

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