Monday, January 11, 2010

Read: "Vampire a Go-Go" by Victor Gischler

Read: Vampire a Go-Go by Victor Gischler, 2009, 9781416552277.

More excellent writing by Gischler. The dude is on a roll. When Gischler was talking about Go-Go Girls of the Apocalypse he mentioned how he slides some serious thoughts in with the fun stuff. He did that here but I cannot recall what it was.

Allen is a grad student at a low-rent university on the West Coast. Allen is a researching wiz and gets told he will be accompanying a professor over to Prague in the summer as the prof's research assistant. His gal-pal Chick #1 will be there for a poetry workshop. Chick #1 has a wet spot for Allen but Allen is clueless.

A weird killing happens at craphole-U and other characters are introduced including the ghost narrator. Allen gets to Prague, gets under the spell of a vampire, is kidnapped by well meaning witches (including hot chicks), pursued by machine gun shooting Jesuits, a Jewish spell caster and his golem, a werewolf who prefers to be called a Lupin or something.

Allen drinks beer with a Jesuit, goes on the run with Witch #1, teams up with Chick #1, fucks the vampire, gets captured by the Jewish mystic, evades and defeats the supremo bad-guy. Everyone is either looking to get or protect the Philosophers Stone. Narrated by a ghost who tells the story of the Philosphers Stone which the ghost was involved in back in 1599.

With beer, shooting, sex, hot chicks, radiation poisoning, magic, steam-punkish science, tours of Prague. Talk of hookers, slutty tourists, and cheap beer from a fictional guide book read by Allen.

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