Thursday, December 18, 2008

Read: "Murder Among the O.W.L.S." by Bill Crider

Read: Murder Among the OWLS by Bill Crider, 2007, 9780348090.

Sheriff Dan Rhodes gets beat up by a woman again. The woman was a larger gal with a big, heavy purse, but he still got beat up by a girl. Again.

Rhodes is at home one morning when he opens the back door to go out and some strange cat slips through the door and into his kitchen. Rhodes' wife recognizes the cat as a neighbor's. Rhodes' goes to investigate at the owner's house and finds her dead. The usual events occur: Rhodes gets a bit flumoxed. Lawton (the jailer) and Hack (the dispatcher) anger each other and annoy Rhodes. Rhodes gets beat-up (as mentioned). Rhodes gets muddy. Rhodes rationalizes poor dietary choices. Rhodes figures everything out and drinks some Dr. Pepper while doing so.

Things to note:
1- I did not want to read this. After reading the depressing World War 1 story in Birdsong I was not quite in the mood for 'lighter' fair. Rhodes' adventures were worth the effort, like usual.
2- Rhodes gets shot at on two different occasions and attacked by a chainsaw once.
3- Rhodes gets to drink some Dublin, TX Dr. Pepper that one of the characters has shipped to her.
4- A character refers to Joe R Lansdale's books by saying, "His books are just filthy."
5- A local community college english teacher is slighted. Funny.

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