Thursday, November 27, 2008

Read: "Zeppelins West" by Joe R. Lansdale

Read: Zeppelins West by Joe R. Lansdale, 2001, (Hey! I just noticed this is a signed edition when I was hunting down the) ISBN 193108100X.

Very, very good. I don't just say that because his daughter is good looking and Lansdale is all kung-fuey. I reserved several Lansdale books quite a while ago. A few months ago I had tried reading the sequel-of-sorts to this but was lost in the absurdity. This time around it all worked.

Buffalo Bill Cody, Sitting Bull, Wild Bill Hickok, Ned Buntline, Annie Oakley and others are traveling in a Zeppelin convoy across the Pacific to tour Cody's Wild West show. Sex and violence ensue. After Cody and company capture Frankenstein from the Japanese, Cody's Zeppelin is shot down by Japanese bi-planes, crashes into the ocean, and the survivors are rescued by Captain Nemo (renamed Bemo) and taken to Dr. Moreau's (renamed Dr. Momo) island. Includes appearances from the Tin Man and Frankenstein who carry on a homosexual-robot-living dead love affair. There are probably other literary characters that I missed.

Everyone but the Tin Man and Frankenstein die in the end but you learn several important things. For instance, Sitting Bull has a huge schlong. One of Momo's creations has a horse vagina to match the horse cock Momo grafted onto himself.

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