Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Read: "Killing Floor" by Lee Child

Read: Killing Floor by Lee Child, 1997, 0515123447.


good. This is the fourth Jack Reacher book I've read. Two of those

novels were so-so. Some of the mystery aspects were good in those two

books but the stories ended up blah. I suppose Reacher himself is the

real draw for readers anyway.


is eating breakfast in a small town Georgia diner when four cops burst

in and arrest him for murder. Several hours before, and a few miles up

the road, a guy had his face shot off and was kicked to a pulp. The

usual happens: Reacher does really smart things, Reacher out thinks

people, Reacher draws on his extensive experience, Reacher wears the

same clothes, Reacher pours the pork to a gal cop, Reacher uses his

bulk and muscle to kill without remorse.


plotting was good. Of the four Child books I have read there are one or

two things that are a real stretch. This one has the town being paid

off at $1,000 to each shop owner with the town leadership not only

rotten but viciously violent. I liked this one though. It was fun to


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