Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Read: Tarzan: The Lost Adventure: by Edgar Rice Burroughs and Joe R. Lansdale

Read: Tarzan: The Lost Adventure by Edgar Rice Burroughs and Joe R. Lansdale, 1995, 156971083X.

When Burroughs kicked off he left behind a detailed outline of another Tarzan story. Lansdale was hired to flesh it out. There was some blather in the forward about the story also being a comic. Or something.

I've read a couple other Lansdale books and he does good work but I'm not a big fan like some people are. Lansdale looks like L. Ron Hubbard.
Lansdale is also some sort of kung-fu mojo master in East Texas. Lansdale has a pretty blond daughter who sings.

I read an old copy of Tarzan and the Ant Men many years ago. The copy surely came from Irving and the story was alright.
I was quite a bit younger and the older writing style and intended audience likely made the story less interesting. t was okay. .
In that Tarzan is shrunk down to ant size and captured by a tribe of ant-sized people.
In this one Tarzan comes across a safari expedition to look for a mythical race of ape-men - the tribe that raised Tarzan and to look for the lost city of Ur.
The expedition comes across some murderous French Foreign Legion deserters, survives a deadly storm, are captured by warriors from Ur and fight
a scary preying mantis type bug creature from the underworld of Pellucidar. Tarzan ends up buried under ground by a passage leading into
Pellucidar which is just dandy since he was thinking of going there anyway.

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