Monday, June 23, 2008

Read: "Money Shot" by Christa Faust

Read: Money Shot by Christa Faust, 2008, 9780843959581.

Very good. Another Hard Case Crime novel.

Angel Dare is retired from porn and running a porn modeling agency. An old producer friend asks her to come out of retirement and do a quick scene since the friend is in financial straits. Since she is In the midst of worrying over her approach to 40, getting offered to screw the newest big dick, and feeling really horny she takes the job. She is then tied up, tortured, thrown in a Honda's trunk, and shot.

Angel lives, escapes from the trunk, and gets help from a former cop who works as a security escort for her agency. Since Angel's Sig was used to murder her old producer friend has to hide from the police. Angel gets a crew-cut, dyes her hair blonde, straps down her boobs and acts like a dude.

Faust writes well and the porn setting is great. Dare has been in porn for about twenty years and talks a lot about the industry and the people in it. Faust skips over the usual nonsense plot points regular novels have. The story focuses on Dare and her attempts to get revenge but Faust does not dwell on the criminal conspiracy or try and make it overly complicated. Faust does screw the security guy but there is no romance, instead he tries to skips out on her with her cash. When Dare has the chance to shoot an unconscious man in the back of the head she does so; no endless philosophical worries before or after.

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