Friday, February 15, 2008

Read: "Half the Blood of Brooklyn" by Charlie Huston

Read: Half the Blood of Brooklyn by Charlie Huston, 2007, 9780345495877.

Fairly decent. I suppose the previous two entries in the series were just as violent as this one but this one had a lot. I have no problem with that but the casual violence and cruelty stuck out more in this one. A father murdering his own son, a midget's head bashed into a concrete floor, a double suicide by hanging, people cut into twelve separate sections, so on, so forth.

Joe Pitt, the main character, was "fuck you" kind of guy. Abused by his parents, turning tricks as a teenaged street kid, infected with the "Vyrus" and forced by necessity to be an enforcer for one of the local vampire "clans" he has not had an easy life. He is a typical pulp/noir wise-ass and loner with his own never defined set of ethics and rules. Pitt only enjoys the company of a couple people and only trusts one person, his girlfriend, who is busy dying of AIDS.

The interesting parts include a vampire freak show in Coney Island, vampire Hasidic Jews in Brooklyn who consider themselves the progeny of the cursed Tribe of Benjamin, the storyline of a sole vampire living in the sewers who feeds on the occasional bum. A lot happened in this one and ends with Pitt escaping the Clans of Manhattan, forced away from his now infected girlfriend, and going into exile into the Bronx.

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