Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Listened to: “MirrorMask” by Neil Gaiman

Listened to: MirrorMask by Neil Gaiman, 2005, audio version 2007 downloaded from

Okay, but not enough going on for an adult reader. This is a kids book and the print version tallies in at 92 pages. The storytelling is very abbreviated, so much so that I thought I was listening to an abridgement. There are many identifiable spots where more description, plot or dialogue seemed to be missing. The narrator did very well.

Helena falls asleep and enters a dreamworld. Except she’s not really dreaming; she is an a bizarre world with beetles as police, floating giants, flying books, blah blah blah. Helena is the double of an evil queen’s daughter. The other girl has run away from home and is destroying the world. I’m not sure how the world is being destroyed. Either I missed that tidbit or forgot it.

Not bad for 79 minutes of entertainment, but not great either.

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