Saturday, March 10, 2007

Listened to: "Red, White and Blue Murder" by Bill Crider

Listened to: Red, White and Blue Murder by Bill Crider, 2004, 1402583664 (CD).

I had not read a Sheriff Dan Rhodes novel in a while and this one was good. Rhodes is the Sheriff of Blacklin County, TX. Blacklin is a rural county with little crime - except for the regular murders Rhodes has to investigate. Rhodes loves Dr. Pepper, is watching his weight, and always has people threatening his job with their votes.

After a body is founding a burned down cabin Rhodes has to figure out why the local historian was killed. Was it his slutty wife? A County Commissioner? The convicted arsonist from up the road?

Like usual, Rhodes gets beaten up. Four times in this book; twice by women. Rhodes is soaked by rain once and covered in mud twice. His jailers are a pain in the ass several times. Throughout it all Rhodes keeps his cool, maintains his manners, and doesn't have to shoot anyone.

I have three other Crider books here that I can think. One of them is a short story collection with a Crider that received an Edgar nomination.

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