Saturday, January 27, 2007

Finished: "Akiko: Volume Six" by Mark Crilley

Finished: Akiko Volume Six: Issues 32-38 "Stranded in Komura" and "Moonshopping" by Mark Crilley, 2003, 1579890571.

Typically excellent work by Crilley. A compilation of previously published comics.

Akiko is a fourth grader who has occasional adventures in outer space with Spuckler, Mr. Beeba, Gax and Poog. Stranded has Akiko and her friends from outer space crash landing in Japan after running out of fuel. Moonshopping has Mr. Beeba detailed by King Froptoppit to go purchase a moon in an alternate dimension, the Farflux Dimension, after seeing another planet's impressive, and brand new, moon.

Whimsical and fun stories with insulting banter between the scientific Mr. Beeba and the unbather space pilot, Spuckler. Fourth grader Akiko is regular a voice of reason and knowledge. I really like Crilley's illustrations; both the style and perspective are neat-o. Crilley has a series of junior novels about Akiko but I could not get into those.

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