Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Finished: "A Dangerous Man" by Charlie Huston

Finished: A Dangerous Man by Charlie Huston, 2006, 034548133X.

I finally finished season one of Lost and finished this one.

Another good novel by Huston. Dangerous is the third and last of Huston's Henry Thompson novels. Hank has been working as an enforcer and hitman for a Russian mobster, David, in exchange for the safety of his parents. Based in Las Vegas, Hank has been tutored by experienced hitman Branko. Hank is dependent on a variety of stimulants, depressants, and anti-depressants to get through his work.

After a couple years in Vegas, and turning himself into a total mess, David has Hank act as a bodyguard for an upcoming MLB player in hock to David for lost bets. After defending the player outside a strip club, Hank is asked to be his minder in NYC when the player joins the minor league team in Brooklyn.

Like usual, things go bad for Hank. Hank, for a normal, friendly guy, is incredibly proficient at violence. This book has a much lower body count than the first two. Hank is also out of friends so at least they don't get killed off in this one.

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