Sunday, October 29, 2006

Read: "Astro City: Confessions" by Kurt Busiek

Read: Astro City: Confessions by Kurt Busiek, 1997, 1563895501.

Another Astro City compilation. This comic book novel focuses on one Astro City Superhero, Confessor, and his teen sidekick Altar Boy. The storyline is an autobiographical telling by Altar Boy (real name Brian Kinney) about how he came to Astro City and was recruited by Confessor. Kinney is an orphan and, like a lot of people, idolizes the heroes and has always wanted to visit Astro City. His time with Confessor is a little turbulent but Confessor is a good teacher and Kinney trusts and respects him - until a scret is revealed. Ooohhh...

Trouble starts when a killer is stalking, killing and mutilating teenage girls. Both the police and the heroes are investigating but the killer's brutality and a summer heatwave raise public tempers and the public demands a resolution. Things really go downhill when the Mayor starts accusing the super heroes of interfering with the investigation and insinuates that they may be involved.

Kurt Busiek and company did another great job with this one. The artwork is above average and the storyline does not get too preachy. The fickleness of the public, and their ignorance and short memory of how the heroes protect them every day angers and confuses Kinney. Confessor's faith in his work never wavers. But, the backlash by the public and their willingness to back extreme security measures that threaten personal privacy and freedom speak to current conditions.

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