Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Read (again):"Night Prey" by John Sandford

Read (again): Night Prey by John Sandford. 1994, 0399139141.

I read this novel for my book club. About half-way through the novel I recognized a scene and remembered I had read this before. I read three or so Sandford novel about 8-10 years ago and this was one of them.

Lucas Davenport returns to work at the Minneapolis Police Department (Minnesota, not Kansas) as an Assistant Chief/Special Investigator. A serial killer has been discovered by a state cop and Lucas and the homicide department get involved.

Sandford is a good writer but there is nothing deep or thought provoking about the novel, that's why it took me so long to remember it. Nothing wrong with undemanding books like this, I read others like that a lot, but I think those others stick better. Maybe I'm too harsh, I read the damn thing a decade ago.

Sandford is skilled too. The state cop character, Meagan, really gets on my nerves in the beginning of the story but I warm to the character over time. I presume that is what Sandford intended. There are also nice touches of humour and the setting is well done; Sandford describes the Cities and the people very well. The killer, Koop, is also well done. A creepy cat burglar with a body-building obsession.

I have a long enough reading list that I won't chase after Sandford's other books right now.

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