Friday, July 7, 2006

Read: "Slocum and the Tong Warriors" by Jake Logan

Read: Slocum and the Tong Warriors by Jake Logan, 1989, 0425115895

A librarian mailing list was recommending different Westerns and said the Jake Logan westerns had either a lot of sex or violence. I cannot recall which it was but I found this book at Waupun PL and reserved it to try a Western out.

I assume Jake Logan is a corporate name. The novel wasnt too bad for a trashy novel. It had neither a lot of sex or violence but I have not read enough westerns for comparison. It did have lines like these though: "She straddled his waist and wriggled her hips seductively. When the dampness of her moist, hot nether lips touched the tip of his cock, Slocum groaned." And "Harriet's hips went berserk even as Slocum spilled his seed into her hungering interior." And "He grunted as he spilled his seed into her."

The storyline follows Jake Slocum as he robs a San Francisco opium den, fights off the Chinese gangsters, gets separated from the money, finds the guy who had and lost the money, hunts for the money while meeting up with a high priced whore, gets a railroad/shipping magnate homicidally angry at him, and eventually recovers the dough while alternately shooting bad guys and "spilling his seed" into the whore.

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