Monday, March 20, 2006

Did not read: "Soledad Brother" by George Jackson

Did not read: "Soledad Brother" by George Jackson, 1994 paperback edition, 1556522304.

Self serving crap by a convict shot dead in 1971 when trying to escape from prison. Famous figure, and a good writer, but give me a break. It really annoys me that Jackson's 17 year old brother, Jonathan, is referred to as a revolutionary. Jonathan was killed when attempting to break out three convicts from the Marin County Courthouse in 1970. Jonathan got himself killed, along with several others, when trying to escape the courthouse to drive to a radio station to demand his brother's prison release. I very much doubt that the three convicts, there at the courtroom by chance (I'm sure), would have stuck around for the revolutionary blather of Jonathan Jackson. George apparently fed his younger brother a load of bunk and started him on the way to getting killed.

George, self-serving convict, made some good points in his political arguments and was a smart fella. But, overall the letters are a load of baloney.

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