Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Read: "Boxing Is..." by Thomas Hauser

Read: Boxing Is...: reflections on teh sweet science by Thomas Hauser, 2010, 9781557289421.

Compilation of 2009 articles by the boxing writer.  I was in the Fitchburg PL with the boys on a Saturday of Sunday and saw this when looking for gun books in the sports section.  There were a couple of these yearly compilations by Hauser.

I have not watched much boxing over the past 7 years or so.  I used to watch Friday Night Fights on ESPN when in Phoenix.  I started to pay a good amount of attention to the sport but got off track after moving.

Some of the pieces in here were quite interesting.  Other pieces I did not care about and read through as quickly as possible.

1.  Several articles by Hauser on how HBO has been screwing up their boxing programming.  They were doing exclusive deals with just a couple promoters giving them a limited number of boxers to schedule.  They were schedule uncompetitive bouts.  The guy running HBO boxing sounds like a dick.  HBO is the real influence in television boxing.  They have the money to make things happen but do a lousy job.
2.  Piece on Sugar Ray Robinson's career and life was quite interesting.  So many out-of-the-ring stories are compelling.
3.  Hauser collected notes about Joe Frazier made by another journalist after that journalist's death.  Muhammed Ali could be a real dickhead.  Ali deserve much credit for standing up to racial bullshit but he was also a jerk.  Frazier used to like the Ali and admired him, but Ali would name call and pick on Frazier to build himself up.  As Ali's boxing opponent Frazier was framed as his political opponent too.  Not true.
4.  Interesting piece on unproved corruption in Texas boxing.  A big fight in Houston was horribly scored in favor of the hometown fighter.
5.  Stories and briefs on current greats.  Pacquiao receives great praise for his abilities and superhero status in the Philippines.

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