Sunday, December 30, 2012

Done: "Persuader" by Lee Child

Done: Persuader by Lee Child, 2003, 0385336667.

The usual.  Reacher is walking along and something happens.  Federal cops want Reacher's help.  Reacher uses his Army experience.  Reacher insults bad guys.  Reacher has sex with hot federal cop.  Reacher kills without remorse.  Reacher solves a mystery and hits the bricks.

Reacher is walking in Boston when he sees a guy he was sure is dead.  Reacher calls an MP to run a license plate and DEA comes to Reacher's hotel to speak with him.  Dead Guy is a bad guy Reacher went after when Reacher was an MP.  Dead Guy has connection to possible drug trafficker in Maine.  Reacher agrees to help DEA by going undercover and look for missing DEA agent.  Reacher saves Maine Guy's son from fake kidnapping to get Maine Guy's confidence.

Reacher thinks.  Reacher ponders.  Reacher insults.  Reacher kills.  Reacher ends up commanding and controlling.  Reacher has deadline to get job done before he is found out. Reacher kills some more guys.  Reacher discovers high-end gun running.  Child parses out the story of Reacher's involvement in Army's investigation of Dead Guy.

Everything ends happily with Dead Guy dead for good, a woman tortured and killed, a bad guy eviscerated, Reacher almost drowned, lots of cold wind and rain, missing DEA agent almost sold into sexual slavery, and two more DEA agents murdered.

1. Gratuitous insults of Makarov handgun design.  Phooey.
2. Jack Mr.-know-it-all Reacher.
3.  Isolated house on the coast.  Reacher always ends up in isolated houses.  The West Texas novel, the novel where he goes to England, the novel where he goes to Montana, the Florida novel in mob owned town.
4.  Colt Anaconda love.
5. A very good thriller.  The usual.

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