Friday, December 7, 2012

Quick: "Star Wars: Knight Errant: volume 1 Aflame" by John Jackson Miller

Quick: Star Wars: Knight Errant: volume 1 aflame by John Jackson Miller, 2011, 9781599619866.

On committee list.  Brief comic book novel.  Volume 1 of 5.

The Sith Lords are fighting the republic 1000 years before Skywalker and also fighting Sith versus Sith.  Jedi Master Vannar Treese has landed on Chelloa to stop a Baradium mining operation run by a Sith.  Volunteering for the mission is new Jedi Kerra Holt.

The group lands and kills a bunch of bad guys.  Kerra meets a local leader.  A different Sith Lord attacks the mining operation while the Jedi are gathering the captive miners.  Big fight.  Kerra attacks the attacking Sith Lord because he killed her family.  Vannar sends her back.  Vanner killed by Sith Lord.  Sith Lord set off machine that ruins the planet surface by burning the Baradium.  Kerra found by local guy.  Looks like the Jedi ship crashed and Kerra is the only Jedi left on the planet.

1.  Very brief.  Looks to be aimed at 5th grade or so.
2.  The action of the illustrations did not follow the text and story as closely as I prefer.
3. "Sith" is flagged by the spell check but "Jedi" is not.

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