Thursday, July 7, 2016

One I Own: "Beneath The Bleeding" by Val McDermid

One I Own: Beneath the Bleeding by Val McDermid, 2009, paperback not on hand for ISBN.

Another Tony Hill novel. I'm pretty sure I first read McDermid when I was on a reconsideration of materials committee at Maricopa County Library District. Let me check and see if I kept that paperwork... Yes, I do have the final letter that went out. I'll paste that below whether you care or not.

Anyhoo. McDermid knows what she is doing. She has such nice descriptions of people and how they act.  Don't ask me for more explanation, that's all I got right now.

This is one of the later novels featuring Psychologist Tony Hill and Inspector Carol Jordan. Hill and Jordan share a romantic attraction but neither one is sure of the other's interests. McDermid strings us and them along on a what'll-happen-with-them track.

The novel begins with Hill at work in a local security hospital for the insane. One patient breaks loose from his room, attacks staff and steals keys, then escapes his secure area. Patient grabs a fire ax, takes some swings, and chopa into Dr. Hill's knee. Hill awakes in a hospital bed (not in a secure facility).

Jordan is now living in the basement apartment at Hill's house. Jordan is in charge of an investigation team and they draw the case of Big Time Soccer Star Robbie who has been poisoned. Poisoned? Who poisons anyone now a days? The ex-girlfriend? An angry fan? A stalker? The cops start looking.

Meanwhile, a local sorta-Muslim guy is building a bomb. I say sorta-Muslim because he is East Asian but the only mosque going member of the family is his father who hangs out at the mosque with pals and drinks tea. What's Sorta's deal? Well, you keep reading the novel and find out.

Things happen as Hill hates being bedridden and tries to assist Jordan with the poisoning case. Another two poison victims are discovered. Sorta is successful with his bomb and the regional anti-terror goons take over part of the local police station and start bossing around Jordan and the other cops.

Jordan drinks a lot to cope with stress - even drinking at work. A younger detective is ruthlessly ambitious. The IT female cop acts like a robot and masturbates efficiently. The two lesbian cops don't have much in common but people assume they must be good pals. Hill's mother is a sociopath and fakes her emotions.

A fine novel.

1. I own this paperback. I'm not sure where I got it from.
2. McDermid's webpage has an annoying feature on the page with the bib. list. Each title slowly pops up and if you are trying to go back and forth from title to title this feature is a hassle.
3. I've heard McDermid on BBC 6 Music a couple times. I don't often catch Radcliffe and Maconie's show but enjoy the author guests.
4. I worked a few reconsideration committees at MCLD and kept the paperwork. For two of those I have copies of the complaint and write-ups by committee members. All I have for Mermaids Singing is the letter to the patron.

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