Thursday, July 28, 2016

Heard: "Don't Let Go" by Michelle Gagnon

Heard: Don't Let Go by Michelle Gagnon, 2014, Overdrive download.

Third and last book of the series. The kissy-smoochy "he tasted like cinnamon" nonsense of the female teen narrator almost made me quit early. The lovey-dovey stuff is not my bag.

Recap: The deadly pima virus strikes teenagers and there is no cure. A pharmaceutical company run by Pike has been kidnapping and experimenting on street kids in secret labs. When a kid dies they job'em up and toss'em in the ocean. Hackers Peter and Noa have been exposing nogoddnicks for a while and uncover the experiments, Project Persephone. They too end up in trouble and on the run from Pike's mercenaries.

Book three: Peter and Noa are on the run with 40-some hard drives that they stole at the end of book two. They travel from state to state in stolen cars with friends Teo and Daisy. The four teens sleep in abandoned buildings and try to sneak into computer labs to crack into the protected drives. But, almost every night the black booted thugs of Pike find them and all four teens have to run.

Anyway. Things happen. The four of them stay on the run until contacting a reclusive fellow hacker. Reclusive Hacker lives in an old missile silo complex in CO and has plenty of computing power. The teens figure out how they have been tracked. Teo and Daisy take the tracking device and try to lead Pike's men away from CO. The silo complex is destroyed in a violent Pike attack, Reclusive Hacker dies, and Peter and Noa are announced as terror suspects.

Meanwhile, Teo and Daisy are captured and taken to Pike's mansion in ME. We learn more about Pike and what he has done to try and find a cure for Pima. His reasoning for hundreds of kidnappings and murders? He wants to cure his wonderful, lovely daughter. Yadda yadda.  Things work out in the end with a nice comeuppance for Pike and a every-lives-happily-ever-after ending for the teens.

Except for all the lovey-dovey crap. That was gross.

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