Monday, January 16, 2006

Read: "Vixen" by Ken Bruen

Vixen by Ken Bruen

Saw this on the New Book shelf and had totally forgotten about it. A 2003 US copyright.

In a series with the same police characters of the Metropolitan London Police. The book delves right into the story with details of the characters coming to light a bit at a time. You get enough information to know who is bad, good, incompetent, dangerous and stupid.

Three dimwits led by a recently paroled gal are pursuing a bombing campaign in London to extort money from the government; not the brightest trio in town. The "mastermind" of the plan is Angie. Angie knew she "was seriously deranged. She'd learnt that early and just as quickly learnt to hide it. Took her a while to grasp that other people had a sense of right and wrong. Her radar operated on feeling good or feeling cheated. There was littel in between." Angie is assisted by a pair of dimwitted brothers who she controls through sex and persuasion.

Opposing the crooks is Inspector Brant - as bad as he is good - who enjoys kicking people when they are down, literally. Accompanying Brant are a collection of incompetent, stupid and alcoholic cops with a smattering of smart ones to help. A good book. Writing style is simliar to Stark and James Ellroy.

Worth reading other titles in the series. A quick read with 199 pages.

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