Sunday, January 29, 2006

Read: "Candy Girl: a year in the life of an unlikely stripper" by Diablo COdy

Candy Girl: a year in the life of an unlikely stripper, by Diablo Cody

When someone changes there name to "Diablo" you know you're in for some weirdness. Especially when the author has a bit of hero worship for strippers. Cody figured strippers were glamorous, cool, self assured, awesome gals. An unusual opinion among women. She talks about how neat she thought strippers were - and are - and tells how that thought evolved from her feminist beliefs while in college.

Growing up in a middle class, Catholic family in suburban Chicago, Cody quit her job in Chicago to move-in with her online boyfriend in Minneapolis. Cody entered an amateur strip contest with an I-never-rebelled- I-better-get-started attitude and eventually worked in several clubs.

After moonlighting as a dancer Cody quit her full time at an advertising agency to strip full time. She works in several strip clubs and does a stint as one of the peep show girls at Sexworld in downtown Minneapolis. Cody has a lot of eye opening and jaw dropping things to say about the work, her bosses and coworkers, and most especially her customers.

Cody is not ashamed of the work and enjoyed the jobs much more often than not. The work does grind her down in the end though. Her banged up knees and too many late nights hustling lap dances from ugly guys wears her down.

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