Monday, August 6, 2012

Listened: "Double Dexter" by Jeff Lindsay

Listened: Double Dexter by Jeff Lindsay, 2011, download.

More alliterative murder by Dexter.  A more run-of-the-mill story compared to previous entries because there are no significant changes in Dexter's family life.

Dexter is out for an fun evening of murder.  Dexter is scene while he is cleaning up his crime scene inside a foreclosed Miami house.  Dexter slowly follows and only sees a car getting away.  Dexter starts to worry.

Dexter spends time trying to track down the witness.  Meanwhile a couple cops are murdered by slow and methodical beating to death.  With a flat faced hammer.  Beatings that take hours but do not break the skin.  Dexter is helping his cop sister Deb on the crimes.  Meanwhile, Dexter's late night searching for his witness is making his wife suspicious.  Inhuman Dexter is clueless to her behavior.

Dexter's witness contacts Dexter.  Witness is computer whiz.  Witness is a nutbag.  Witness wants to catch and kill Dexter.  Dexter is worried.  Things happen.  Deb catches killer

Dexter's wife wants to move into a bigger house.  Wife is manic about finding a house.  Dexter just wants to kill his witness and enjoy dinner.  Dexter's coworker murdered by hammering.  Everyon calls Deb a screw-up for catching wrong guy.  New detective on case is an idiot.  Idiot thinks Dexter did it.

Things come to a head as Lindsay takes us on a tour or Key West and Witness is eaten by a shark.  Dexter is cleared.  Deb is cleared.  Everyone happy.  Except for the dead people.

1.  The "mainstream" murders in previous novels usually take center stage as Dexter gets involved.  Not so much here.  The Hammerings are just a way to set-up Dexter for his co-worker's murders.
2.  Sociopath Dexter chose his wife for convenient reasons.  He first dated her because her previous marriage left her mentally unable to have sex.  He ended up marrying her because she is good cover and because she is very predictable.  Dexter knows what she will do.
3.  Dexter continues to guess his way around human interaction.  He still bases much of his action of television and movies.
4.  Dexter's Dark Passenger continues to send warnings to Dexter and Dexter continues to ignore them.  Dexter both praises the Dark Passenger's insights and ignores them.

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