Sunday, July 22, 2012

Zip!: "Isle of 10,000 Graves" by Jason

Zip!: Isle of 10,000 Graves by Jason, 2010, 9781451715033.

Very quick read of a comic book novel.  The illustrations are fairly simple, not a lot of detail or background to study.  Spoilers await.

Ugly girl's father found a treasure island map in a bottle.  Dad goes off to island and never returns.  Ugly girl searches beach for another bottle to contain map to island.  Girl finds bottle and map.  Girl tells her evil mom.  Mom tries to kill her in her sleep.  Girl skips out to harbor to raise a crew saying she will navigate.  Crew plan to kill her at earliest opportunity.

Girl blackmails crew member with simple statement of, "I know your secret."  Crew member and Ugly Girl jump ship when approaching island.

Meanwhile, island is home to a school for executioners.  Bottled up maps are tossed into the ocean to recruit  people for students to practice on.  One student is kinda struggling in his studies.  Student, Tobias, may be failed into interrogation (torture).

Ugly Girl and Crew Member find way into school.  Rest of crew captured and practiced on.  Ugly Girl set free by Tobias who digs her.  Ugly Girl, Tobias, and Crew Member evade executioners.  Ugly Girl makes way into school office after Tobias says school records may show what happened to her dad.  School burns down and Ugly Girl and Tobias escape.  Crew Member drowns in quicksand.

Ugly Girl and Tobias show up at another harbor town and find her father running a bar.  Father's name never appeared on shipping manifests captured by the school.  Her father had faked his departure and moved down coast to get away from nutcase mom.  Father asked for forgiveness and novel ends.

1.  "Tobias is really good at hurting people." said by Ugly Girl to Father when he asks how she found him.  They tortured his friends to found out where he went.  Makes you wonder whether she would forgive.
2.  The school faculty take execution very seriously.  When reading aproposal to pack people into a cannon the headmaster says, "I don't know...when you start killing inn batches, I wonder what remains of the nobility of our calling..."
3.  Crew Member is a doofus.

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