Sunday, August 22, 2010

Read A While Ago: "Dexter by Design" by Jeff Lindsay

Read A While Ago: Dexter by Design by Jeff Lindsay, 2009, no ISBN handy.

I've been watching the tv show over the past couple weeks. I never watched it before. It's good. In fact I am still watching season one this moment. I've always really enjoyed the novels and enjoyed this one. Since I read the novel a couple weeks ago I am getting the tv version confused with the novels.

I read somewhere that Lindsay recognized the audience's dislike of the third novel and the change to the Dark Passenger theory. The Dark Passenger is back to normal and the last novel seems to have been skipped over. Anyway.

Dexter is on a honeymoon to Paris with Rita. Amidst the closely followed schedule of museums and other tourist sites they catch an avant garde art show. The art show involves video of a woman amputating her own leg.

Dexter gets back to Miami and works another murder scene. Murder ties into local tourist bureau. Dexter and sister go to interview former employee. Sister is stabbed - or was the shot, I don't recall - and Dexter ends up killing the guy he thinks is responsible for serial killings and stabbing sister. Dexter got the wrong guy, sort of. There were two guys doing the killings - which were actually corpses that got cut up but never mind that part.

Dexter investigates. Dexter's inhumanity and confusion over human actions are humorous. Dexter works with his sister's carved up boyfriend to track killer to Havana. Dexter and boyfriend miss opportunity in Havana to catch the guy. I don't remember if Dexter gets the guy or not.

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