Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Read: "In the Company of Liars" by David Ellis

In the Company of Liars by David Ellis

I got this one after LJ listed on the best of 2005 list for fiction.

Good book, but not spectacular. I suppose the rating it received could be relative to the competition. Told in reverse chronological order it starts out slow, gets exciting in the middle, then kind of peters out. Main character Allison Pagone commits suicide while on trial for murdering her ex-boyfriend. She commits suicide in the beginning of the book, shortly before (or after) the capture of a terrorist leader in Northeast Africa. The story tells how the two events are related.

I don't read many thrillers but this was good. The author keeps revealing little pieces along the way. The reader's perception of each character changes over time; are they good, bad, lying, confused? Well, they're all lying, some for good reasons and some for bad. Hence, the title.

EDIT: After having thought about this one it's not so great. There is nothing to it that really stuck with me. It's more like an average episone of Law and Order SVU, entertaining with an edgey edge of edginess (meaning that people die).

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